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A Poem and Two Stories

By Tamar Diana Wilson


A Magazine of Proletarian

Revolutionary Literature


A quarterly magazine devoted to progressive and revolutionary literature and art expressing the the anti-establishment struggles of the working class and oppressed people in the U.S. and worldwide. Poems, songs, stories, short plays, drawings, cartoons, occasional photos plus editorials by Tim Hall, an anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist since the 1960's. Featuring African American, Latino and other writers of color, prisoners, disgruntled workers, activists in the anti-war, anti-racist and other mass movements and many writers discontented with the Bush imperialist juggernaut and the Democratic and labor-leader capitulation to it. While we urge literature in the direction of revolutionary working-class politics and a vision of socialism as embodying a genuine workers' power, in distinction to the state-capitalist regimes of the former Soviet Union, present-day China, North Korea, Cuba, etc., we accept a broader range of rebellious viewpoints in order to encourage creativity and dialogue.

Struggle began as a hard copy magazine in 1985. Submissions may be sent by mail or e-mail. Struggle is not copyrighted; all rights remain with the author. Single hard copies may be ordered through the mail from Struggle, Box 28536, Detroit, MI 48228. Single copies of single, 36-page issues are $2 ($3 by mail); single copies of 72-page, double issues are $4 ($5 by mail); a sub of four single issues is $10 for individuals, $12 for institutions, $15 abroad. Checks must be payable to Tim Hall, not to Struggle. Struggle may be contacted by email at: timhall11@yahoo.com

Editorial Policy

Ten Poems by Raymond Nat Turner and Fiction Exposing the Rape Culture -- Spring-Summer 2013 (Vol. 29, #s 1&2)

Great Day in the Morning! Class Warfare Brought into the Open by the Occupy Movement! -- Spring-Summer 2012 (Vol. 28, #s 1&2)

Hail Arab Spring! -- Spring-Summer 2011 (Vol. 27, #s 1&2) Raymond Nat Turner's poem denounces Amiri Baraka for supporting Obama; variety of poems by prisoners

Fight against Anti-Immigrant Attacks! -- Fall-Winter 2010-11 (Vol. 26, #s 3&4), various writings aganst the oppression of immigrants, novel excerpt The Night the Homestad Mill Went Down

Struggle Statement on September 11 Events

Struggle Greets 26th Year -- Spring-Summer 2010 (Vol. 26, #s 1&2, long poem on historic miners'struggles, stories on struggle in post-modern workplace, Chinese-American worker's protest against the Iraq war

Worker Anger Grows -- Summer-Fall 2009 (Vol. 25, #s 1&2), editorial: "Capitalism is bankrupt! We need a genuine workers' socialism!" plus stories and poems reflecting workers' oppression and opposition to imperialist war

Wall Street: Capitalism Shaking -- Summer-Fall 2008 (Vol. 24, #s 1&2), an editorial on the election, stories reflecting women's oppression, a play about Vietnam

Prison Poets Issue -- Winter 2002-3 (Vol. 18, # 3), writing and drawings by inmates of the dungeons of American capitalism.

Survival of the Richest -- Winter-Spring 2005-6 (Vol. 21, #s 3&4), focusing on the abandonment of the poor, especially African Americans, in the hurricane Katrina tragedy.

Full Rights for Immigrants -- Spring-Summer 2006 ( Vol. 22, #s 1&2) -- writing in support of full rights for immigrants

The Election of the Democrats was No "November Revolution" -- Winter-Spring 2006-7 (Vol 22, # 3 & Vol. 23, # 1) -- featuring anti-war, anti-torture and anti-racist work

Black Voices from Inside -- Fall-Winter 2007 (Vol. 23, #s 2&3) -- African Americans Fight the Savage In-Justice System

Two Stories by Paris Smith: " Ghosts of Yesterday"and "Hysteria"

Poems from Pakistan by Arif Viqar

from There Ain't No Justice, Just Us by Gregory Alan Norton

Slide Show of 1966 West Tennessee Freedom March by Tim Hall

A Selection of Poemsyby Tim Hall


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